Win By Five, Lose By Six

According to the National Post, the Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer league in Ottawa – God bless our glorious capital – has instated a rule that would cap a team’s goal-scoring to five points.  Furthermore, if that team scores one more goal, they will automatically be defeated granting the other team a win.  The idea is to prevent runaway games where one team clobbers another with a blowout lead.  Mr. Cale, the league’s head-honcho hopes to create a atmosphere of clean sportsmanship and non-competitiveness.

Sean Cale,  I don’t like to degrade your intelligence but really?  You and your board think of yourselves that highly to change the rules of a game that has stood the test of time and been around a lot longer than you?  What on earth did you think sports were about?  Were you beat up as a child?  Maybe the big mean bully from 4th Grade kicked your butt mercilessly during Phys Ed. soccer matches.  I bet you never played any sort of recreational sports.

Listen, I applaud your intentions, no one likes to get creamed, but frankly, sportsmanship is not the endgame – no pun intended.  Sports are challenges to see who is better, more skilled, more readily able to confront adversity.  What you are Mr. Cale is an enabler.  If you teach children that its okay to suck because who ever is in authority will always make things fair, you’re sheltering them from reality.   I went through my teen-aged years skipping from one pathetic team to the other, refs hated me in basketball for my height, I lost a soccer final on a shootout, the only thing I ever won was a inter-mural floor hockey championship in university!  Do I regret having played years being creamed?  No.  Was it hard losing basketball games 80 to 23?  For sure.  But at the end of the day I learned to play fair and lose gracefully.  And before you accuse parents of ‘insulting’ your precious little league, look at the facts, they were insulting the rules, two different things.  Stop patronizing children and coddling them into a false sense of security.


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